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Online exhibition
Virtual venue
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Something lies beyond what we see.
Beyond the business and industries of medicine, agriculture, education, and manufacturing, where will we be? You are the key to this future. Together, we can discover this world beyond—wherever you happen to be.
DOCOMO has opened its state-of-the-art IT/communications technologies, solutions, and diverse project lineup, but they aren‘t complete without you. With your help, we can make it grow into something that can change the world.
Join us to discover the possibilities our future holds. Together we can delight the world with new wonders.
DOCOMO needs you.

Together, Beyond Possibilities.
Event overview


Online exhibition
Virtual venue

Featured content

  • 【Featured Exhibition】Wingless drone
    This is an indoor drone capable of flying safely and silently for a long time, unlike conventional drones which use propellers or flapping wings mechanisms.
  • The whole NTT group is working toward achieving the IOWN concept by 2030. Here, we show you how things stand with IOWN right now.
  • 【Keynote】Welcome Speech
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Motoyuki Ii
  • 【Keynote】Current and future of DOCOMO R&D(Provisional)
    Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Executive General Manager of R&D Innovation Division
    Naoki Tani
  • 【Keynote】Real Marketing for Successful Business(Provisional)
    Katana Inc.
    CEO, Strategist and Marketer
    Tsuyoshi Morioka
  • 【Keynote】Work Style Reform to Speed Up Creating(Provisional)
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Yoshie Komuro
  • 【Keynote & Panel Discussion】5G Evolution & 6G powered by IOWN
    Senior Vice President and General Manager of 6G-IOWN Promotion Department
    Takehiro Nakamura, others
  • 【Keynote】Innovation of social and industrial structure through DOCOMO's DX solutions(Provisional)
    General Manager of DX Solution Department
    Tadashi Machida
  • 【Keynote】DOCOMO's Sustainability Initiatives
    General Manager of Sustainability Promotion Office, Corporate Strategy & Planning Department
    Takeha Namikata
  • 【Keynote】Current situation and future prospects of telemedicine(Provisional)
    Medley, Inc.
    Goichiro Toyoda

Virtual venue

Continuing from last year, docomo Open House will feature "Virtual venue", where guests can experience DOCOMO's state-of-the-art-technology. Utilizing the "Virtual event platform," guests can attend the Virtual venue with their own avatars and immersively experience DOCOMO's technology and solutions. Key technologies like Volumetric video (3D video of people) can also be experienced here.
~The contents of the Virtual venue will be provided in Japanese only~

System requirements

[iOS] iOS 14 or later, iPhone 8 or later
[Android] Android 9.0 or later
[Oculus] Oculus Quest 2 (build 33 or later)
[Windows/Mac] CPU: Intel® Core™ i5 (8th generation or later); memory: 8GB or more

- Development is ongoing, so the supported models may change.
- Application should be downloaded separately.
- See the FAQ for details.
You can enjoy this Virtual venue by renting a VR head-mounted display device on "kikito", a device-rental service operated by NTT DOCOMO (Only available in Japanese).

Software scheduled to be released in early January 2022.

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